Month: October 2018

Another new job August 2018

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Well Perpetuum wasn’t working out so well so after three and a half years I decided to call it a day and move on. I will write a new feature on my time with them some time. lots of catching up to do actually.

I have been very lucky in my last job search and I am now working as an instructor in HMS Collingwood the RN electrical training school in Fareham. It is actually only a few miles from home and takes me about 10 minutes to travel in. No motorway traffic. great environment and people. I think I will enjoy this one. Also no travel which was beginning to wear me down to be honest.

The job is training Leading hands and Petty Officers. My initial subjects are, Health an safety, Project management and service management (ITIL). It is all a LOT more regulated than when I was previously here training young sailors in the ’80s. I have to train to level 4 certificate of education, which I could continue to level 5 if I wished which would qualify me to take on ANY teaching job anywhere in civvy street. I don’t think I want to go through that at my stage in the game. I fully intend staying here until I retire in a few years now.